Leaps N Bounds Inflatables Inc.

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What's included in the rental pricing?  The rental pricing includes tax, set-up and take down.  

What about delivery?  Delivery is FREE within Airdrie, Alberta and to surrounding areas within 30 km of Airdrie.  Areas outside of the 30 km radius will be charged $25 each way for delivery.

What forms of payment are accepted?  Payment is due at the time of delivery.  We accept cash, email money transfer and credit card.  There is no deposit required to hold your reservation.

How do I reserve?  Call, email or message us on Facebook with your event info and type of inflatable that you want.  We'll get back to you to confirm the details and reservation!

What is the cancellation policy?  We understand that life happens, please give us as at least 72 hours notice of cancelation; however in the case of adverse weather you can cancel right up until the day of your event.  There is no charge to cancel.

What about weather?  The inflatables cannot be set-up in the rain, thunderstorms or in winds exceeding 32 km per hour.

Where can the Inflatables be set up?  Inflatables can be set-up indoors or outside and on a clean level surface such as cement, grass, gym floor or carpet.  Please ensure you have an adequate area to fit the inflatable.  There should be at least 2 feet clearance above the top of the inflatable and the inflatable can not be set up near any cables or lines.

Do I need to do anything to my yard?  Please ensure your yard is free of any sharp debris (rocks, sticks, toys) and cleaned of pet feces.

How are the inflatable secured?  We use 18 inch stakes to secure the inflatables into the ground (grass or dirt).  In this case, we will place an Alberta One Call to ensure there are no utility lines running through the area.  In the event we cannot get this done, or if the inflatable is to be set up on a hard surface, weighted bags (as per the manufacturers guidelines) will be used.

Do I need to provide anything for set up?  A standard 110V electrical outlet is required to set up the inflatables.  If you do not have access to electrical outlets a generator must be supplied.

Can I have an inflatable set up at a park?  Yes, however, you will need to contact the city where the park is located to inquire about any necessary permits that may be needed.  You will need to provide an electrical source as well.

Is an attendant provided with the inflatables? No, the renter is responsible for having one adult (18+) chaperoning each inflatable and to ensure the safety rules are being followed. The obstacle must have one adult chaperone per section.

Safety Rules

-Remove shoes, eyeglasses or any hard and sharp objects (ie. buckles, pens, keys, purses, hats).  Remove dangling and sharp jewelry.

-Absolutely NO food, drink, gum and silly string are allowed in the inflatables. 

-Bouncing is NOT allowed on the entry ramp OR the slide landing area.

-No climbing or hanging from the inside or outside walls and windows.

-Do not pull on the roof or netting.

-Rough play is NOT permitted.

-Follow the rider and weight capacity specifications (this is listed under the picture of each inflatable).

-One adult (18+) must chaperone each inflatable and ensure the safety rules are being followed.  The obstacle must have one adult chaperone per section.

-Have FUN!!

*All info will be included in your rental contract